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ClusterSeven Enterprise Spreadsheet Management for Financial Services and Financial Controllers (0 Reviews)
ClusterSeven software monitors the activity and changes in business-critical spreadsheets with no impact on the user. Changes are logged by time and user and captured in a central database. This creates a...
Waste and Recyling One: A Complete ERP Application for the Waste and Recycling Verticle Industry (0 Reviews)
Our company works to solve the needs of the Waste and Recycling Industry, of business size ranging from start-ups to £250 million.
Workfore Management Suite (0 Reviews)
WorkPlace Systems is a leading supplier of workforce management software and consulting solutions that significantly increase customer service and reduce labor costs. Founded on Microsoft SQL technologies...
B2B AX Payroll 2009/2012 (0 Reviews)
B2B Payroll is an Add-On solution built on MS Dynamics AX 2009 and available on 2012. Provides a complete Payroll – solution for the clients and seamlessly integrates with finance. Meets the...
Release Date: 02/01/2012
Version: 2009/2012