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CDM Optimize Pharma (0 Reviews)
CDM Optimize Pharma is a CRM-solution tailor-made for the Life Science Industry, extending and focusing the functionality of the Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 to the specific needs of the Life Science...
Calc scientific, engineering and financial calculator for Windows (0 Reviews)
Our company, Flow Simulation Ltd., provides software solutions to solve technical problems faced by companies and organizations of all sizes that work in the scientific, engineering, financial, education...
LinLab (0 Reviews)
All motorised products come with LinLab software. LinLab is a Windows™ based program which gives you further control over the micromanipulator, stage or scope. You are able to view XYZ positions, control...
Version: 1.06.78
myhealthplace - web-based platform (0 Reviews)
myhealthplace is a web-based platform helping community pharmacies provide services more effectively, enabling commissioners to audit & manage these services. Due to changes in NHS structures &...
Release Date: 01/12/2010
Version: 1
nowEDC (0 Reviews)
Datatrial, a boutique CRO with global operations, specializing in biometric solutions. We have our own proprietary software, nowEDC which has been deployed globally in Phase I to Phase III trials and...
PV-Works (0 Reviews)
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WITNESS is the Proven Route to Business Benefits, Whatever the Question… -          Will my proposed process deliver the required volumes? -          How can I save 10% of operating cost and...
Release Date: 12/11/2010
Version: 3.00
X-docs (0 Reviews)
X-docs provides an easy to configure and set up environment for those companies that have established paper or electronic document on file share systems. Extra Features include: - A ‘state machine’ for...
Release Date: 08/10/2012
Version: 2.2
zenon (0 Reviews)
zenon is COPA-DATA’s highly versatile product family for industry-specific ergonomic process solutions: from sensors through to ERP. It consists of zenon Analyzer, zenon Supervisor, zenon Operator and...
Version: 7.11
B2B Plant Maintenance for Microsoft Dynamic AX 2009 / 2012 (0 Reviews)
B2B Plant Maintenance optimizes production efficiency with reduced efforts in tracking of maintenance requirements in a manufacturing environment. It is a customized solution for Machinery and Equipment...
Version: 2009 / 2012