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Business Intelligence - Student Progression Solutions for Higher Education Institutions
Simpson Associates Information Services designs, builds and manages Student Progression solutions for Higher Education Institutions. They provide our customers with a key measure of their University’s...
Data Academy
Is your IT team snowed under, inexperienced with building robust data solutions or need some help on getting the data side of business intelligence right? Has reverse engineering business intelligence...
Release Date: 13/04/2011
Version: 6.5
AppointmentsPRO / DOcuPRO (0 Reviews)
SpectraSoft designs tools to help you practice smarter. The company was founded in 1993 with a vision to create powerful, easy-to-use scheduling software for healthcare. Pioneering appointment...
Release Date: 04/01/2010
Version: 10
Custom Application Development (.NET) (0 Reviews)
Sometimes ‘off-the-shelf’ solutions can’t give you the flexibility and agility you need. We develop innovative, high-performance software applications that turn your ideas into business value. Our...
Data Warehousing – Solutions (0 Reviews)
We specialise in designing, building and managing Data Mart and Data Warehouse applications, providing our customers with a better understanding of their business drivers so that their financial...
Sales and Marketing Business Intelligence Application (0 Reviews)
Infusion utilizes Microsoft Business Intelligence (SQL Server and SharePoint) to design and implement analytic and reporting applications based on sales and marketing data. The Infusion team leverages its...
SQL Compare (0 Reviews)
Compares and synchronizes SQL Server database schemas, including SQL Azure. - Save time by automatically comparing and synchronizing database schemas. - Eliminate mistakes migrating database changes from...
Release Date: 17/02/2011
Version: 9
SQL Data Compare (0 Reviews)
Compares and synchronizes SQL Server database contents, including SQL Azure. - Save time by automatically comparing and synchronizing data. - Copy lookup data from development databases to staging or...
Release Date: 03/03/2011
Version: 9
BioNumerics Server (0 Reviews)
Powerful Client-Server solution for secure exchange and analysis of biological data. Providing the platform to build Web-servers enabling querying, upload, download and numerous advanced BioNumerics...
Release Date: 16/01/2014
Version: 7.1
CodeFluent Entities (0 Reviews)
CodeFluent Entities is a simple yet powerful model driven software factory that works directly inside Visual Studio. CodeFluent Entities provides a structured method and the corresponding tools to...
Release Date: 18/10/2011
Version: 2011