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Global Rostering System (0 Reviews)
GRS is a three tier web enabled Work Force Management System operating within a high performance Microsoft .Net environment with support for the latest enterprise grade relational database management...
Release Date: 01/05/2013
Version: 2.5
HydraV80 (0 Reviews)
Hydra offers a fresh approach to program management by integrating many work plans. Whilst Hydra looks and feels familiar, the software works in the background to keep every plan up to date by interacting...
Release Date: 21/01/2013
Version: 8
Qmax (0 Reviews)
QMax™ enables you to respond to changes as they occur using the intra-day optimising tool – providing you with the flexibility and choice to make effective operational decisions. To provide effective...
Arkieva S&OP Suite (0 Reviews)
Arkieva™ software tools are an integrated solution set that fully supports an organization’s Sales and Operations Planning (S&OP) needs. Arkieva™ suite include: - Arkieva™ Demand Planner: A highly...
Release Date: 01/01/2014
Version: 3.12
Configit Quote for SAP (0 Reviews)
The professional and surprisingly user friendly quotation tool for Sales, Dealers, and Resellers providing the full power of SAP on Windows 7 and Windows 8 Touch. Price procedures, variant...
Release Date: 27/11/2012
Version: 5.7
Datawatch Modeler (0 Reviews)
Capture and Transform Data from Virtually Any Source Being able to leverage all the information that you need to understand your business is the key to remaining competitive in a world where data comes...
Release Date: 22/11/2013
Version: 12.0
FlexiFinancials Suite (0 Reviews)
The FlexiFinancials Suite consists of financial accounting modules that can operate independently or seamlessly integrated with each other or other applications. The FlexiFinancials Suite has been...
IMOS (0 Reviews)
Our Integrated Maritime Operations System (IMOS) uses the Microsoft .Net framework to enhance functionality and create the most technically advanced and complete commercial management system for...
Release Date: 31/01/2014
Version: 7.5
Ingentis org.manager (0 Reviews)
With Ingentis org.manager you can create and publish your organizational charts within a few minutes. Over 800 customers worldwide trust in this software. Be creative and define content, layout and design...
Ivara EXP (0 Reviews)
Ivara EXP delivers results by formally documenting and deploying the asset reliability strategy, transforming diverse sources of asset condition data into a single, real-time view of overall asset health...
Release Date: 30/08/2013
Version: 7.1