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Credit Hound - Advanced Credit Control for Dynamics NAV & GP (0 Reviews)
Credit Hound is designed to automate and streamline the processes involved in good credit management. It is designed to help you reduce the time it takes you to get paid and improving your working...
Release Date: 01/11/2004
Version: 4.x
Energy Business Intelligence Dashboards (0 Reviews)
Utilising Microsoft Business Intelligence technologies, Ridgian have built a powerful Energy Consumption reporting and analytics solution that can help both authority agencies and businesses reduce their...
Release Date: 01/10/2013
Version: 1
InsightUnlimited Reporting JDE (0 Reviews)
Get Answers! Not More Reports. When your organization can’t get the information it needs out of your ERP, you are forced to build reports in order to see it. This creates a huge time and productivity...
Release Date: 02/07/2014
Version: 2014.1
Insurer Analytics 7.2 (0 Reviews)
Insurer Analytics is a flexible and comprehensive business intelligence product that delivers a sophisticated level of analysis and insight across the whole insurance value chain. It is built by insurance...
Release Date: 30/03/2012
Version: 7.2
itim EDi services (b-as1) (0 Reviews)
The purpose of b-as1 is to support supplier collaboration between any product vendor and their customer (mostly but not exclusively retailers). itim's b-as1 services were initially developed to...
Release Date: 01/06/2014
Version: 1.0
Moore Stephens Insurance BI Framework (0 Reviews)
The Moore Stephens Insurance BI Framework (MSIF) helps to reduce the overall effort, cost and risk associated with implementing BI projects for Lloyd’s and London market insurers. The MSIF has evolved...
Release Date: 13/12/2013
Version: 3.0
Pathology Laboratory Activity & Reporting - Activity Costing, Workflow & Insights (0 Reviews)
Pathology Laboratory Activity & Reporting (PLAR) is Ascribe’s Business Intelligence (BI) platform to advance the processing, analysis and reporting of pathology test data through the creation of a minimum...
PS Financials (0 Reviews)
PS Financials is specifically designed as a Unified ledger system; which means effectively that every transaction is a general ledger journal and the purpose (such as a sales invoice, purchase payment and...
Release Date: 03/12/2012
Version: 6.0
WPS (0 Reviews)
WPS software offers heavyweight data processing and advanced analytics with the languages of SAS and R. Data scientists and analysts are tasked with gaining insight into ever-increasing volumes of data....
Release Date: 31/03/2014
Version: 3.1
AutoTag - Enterprise Reporting Software - Template Design using Word, Excel and PowerPoint (0 Reviews)
What is AutoTag? This important component of Windward’s reporting and document generation solutions lets you design, format and edit reports completely in Microsoft Office, Word, Excel and PowerPoint. ...
Release Date: 13/04/2014