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2sms Enterprise Text Messaging Software Solution - Desktop Client for Windows (0 Reviews)
The 2sms Text Messaging Desktop client for Windows allows customers to send text messages from Microsoft Windows to mobile cellphones. The plug and go software installs in under 5 minutes. Once installed...
Release Date: 12/12/2013
Version: 4.0
Add Projects to Categories 2010 (0 Reviews)
Maintenance of categories in the EPM solution can, for medium to large implementations, be a time-consuming process. The ability for users to view projects is controlled by the category permission in the...
Release Date: 01/05/2012
Version: 000204
ADePT Design Builder and ADePT Design Manager (0 Reviews)
Our company, AML Technologies works to solve specific requirements of companies that work in the area of complex design/engineering and business management projects. Our company’s product, ADePT Design,...
Version: 1.2
Agile Development Services (0 Reviews)
Nowadays everyone says “we’re agile” but what do Bridgeall actually mean by that, what actions do we take and more importantly how will that benefit you, our prospective customer. Fundamentally we...
Release Date: 21/03/2013
Version: 1
AlfaPeople Reporting Suite (0 Reviews)
The AlfaPeople Reporting Suite has been designed to give organisations the ability to measure user activity, report of field usage and gain an overview of customisations that have been made to CRM. Our...
Release Date: 03/06/2013
Version: 1
Auto Publish Utility for Project Server 2010 (0 Reviews)
In the Microsoft Enterprise Project Management solution, Project Managers determine when to publish a saved project. Unfortunately, for many organizations, this means that some data in the Project Server...
Release Date: 01/05/2012
Version: 000202
CAMS - Asset Maintenance Scheduling Package (0 Reviews)
The Capital Asset Maintenance Streamliner (CAMS) is an application designed to schedule the maintenance of your high-value assets more efficiently, such assets could be oil-rigs, power generating stations...
CenterVision (0 Reviews)
BancTec's CenterVision easily and instantly improves your business performance. It's a single common platform to optimize the deployment, operation, and management of multiple document processing sites...
CrimeAnalyst (0 Reviews)
CrimeAnalyst is designed to enable you to carry out the necessary, daily routine analysis as quickly and efficiently as possible; giving you back the time you need for the in-depth analysis which can...
Version: 2.1
Custom Worksites Utility (0 Reviews)
The Customised Worksites Utility creates a Project Worksite dynamically when a project is published for the first time. By default, when a project is published, the project worksite is created if the...
Release Date: 01/05/2012
Version: 000028