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Enterprise Study eLMS and TAS (0 Reviews)
Enterprise Study is a cloud-based Learning and Compliance Management System (LMS) and Training Administration System designed to support organisations in their development and growth. Founded in 2002, we...
Release Date: 02/11/2013
Version: 4.22
numero is a multi-channel Customer Interaction Management (CIM) platform that is proven to improve contact centre efficiency... (0 Reviews)
Numero is used by many of the largest ecommerce sites and outsourced contact centres in the UK and, though our partnership with Vertex, is now becoming established in the USA. Numero provides an...
Waste and Recyling One: A Complete ERP Application for the Waste and Recycling Verticle Industry (0 Reviews)
Our company works to solve the needs of the Waste and Recycling Industry, of business size ranging from start-ups to £250 million.
Workfore Management Suite (0 Reviews)
WorkPlace Systems is a leading supplier of workforce management software and consulting solutions that significantly increase customer service and reduce labor costs. Founded on Microsoft SQL technologies...
Docflow automation system Dotcom GeDoc 3.1 (0 Reviews)
Document management can't be any easier! Dotcom GeDoc 3.1 is a docflow automation system, which includes the general docflow of an organization and specialized areas of docflow management in departments....
Release Date: 28/10/2013
Version: 3.1
Invest for Excel (0 Reviews)
Invest for Excel is the software solution for capital budgeting and valuation that is used in over 1,000 organizations, 40 countries worldwide. The tool combines the knowledge of discounted cash flow...
Release Date: 10/04/2013
Version: 3.6