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TransVault Migrator for Microsoft Exchange & Office 365

by TransVault Software

TransVault Migrator for Microsoft Exchange & Office 365 is a Microsoft Windows Server Certified application that enables email archive migration from 3rd party archives into on-premise or hosted Exchange.

Moving historic data manually or without the correct tools can compromise the integrity of your email records, and is a lengthy and non-trivial exercise.

TransVault Migrator automates the email archive migration process with a high-performance, multi-threaded engine, that creates a direct pipeline between virtually any 3rd-party/legacy archive and Exchange and/or Office 365.

In addition to slick, 1-step transfers that eliminate the risk of data loss or tampering, TransVault Migrator offers sophisticated data management. For example you can analyze your existing archive and perform selective migrations that move only the records you need to Exchange or the cloud. You can also clean up any legacy shortcuts from users’ mailboxes to avoid confusion as they move to the new Exchange-based archive service.

Throughout your migration, TransVault Migrator maintains a complete audit and generates detailed reports to ensure chain-of-custody for each individual item migrated. Journal archives can also be securely migrated with the option to preserve compliance-critical BCC’d recipients and alias list members.

No other solution gives you as much peace of mind and flexibility when moving your records.

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