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TRIMIT Furniture


Europe, America, Asia.

TRIMIT Furniture ties together all business processes in a simple and smart way, from ordering through production to delivery and invoicing. TRIMIT Furniture focuses on handling complex item structures. All processes are optimized in order to minimize difficult and resource demanding processes.

TRIMIT Furniture key segments:

- Wood
- Upholstered
- Office
- Kitchen / Bathrooms
- Living

TRIMIT Furniture provides:

- Fully integrated product- and sales configuration
- Unlimited numbers of variants and dimensions
- Customer/order specific variants and dimensions
- Simple pre- and post calculation from both new and existing products
- Fast creation of items via templates
- Planning and capacity optimizing
- Quality and complaint management
- Job/time and material registration
- Direct relation between sales, production and purchase orders
- Make to Order
- Make to Stock
- Make to Project
- B2B and B2C website including configuration
- Subcontractor management
- Fully integrated enter/leave registration
- Intercompany
- Integration to CAD and document management

TRIMIT Furniture has a flexible structure, thus it easy to set up to meet the company’s demands. It is frequently updated to comply with the demands of the Furniture industry. New versions of TRIMIT Furniture is created from the knowledge and experience of customers, ensuring an industry specific solution with the advantages of Microsoft Dynamics NAV standard system.

TRIMIT A/S was founded in 1990 (under the name of CORNATOR A/S) and specializes in Microsoft Dynamics NAV focusing on industry specific solutions. A Gold Certified Partner whom Microsoft also awarded "Industry Vertical Partner of the Year".

TRIMIT A/S, Denmark
Tel. +45 7020 8970

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6.04/NAV2009, R2

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