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WiseFish - Software for the Seafood Industry

by Talon Business Solutions Ltd

WiseFish is a software solution designed to meet the needs of the seafood, fishing and aquaculture business. Its functionality covers the entire seafood industry from fishing and farming through to processing and sales and distribution.

Modular in nature customers can either implement the entire end-to-end solution, select certain modules which will deal with their areas of concern or simply purchase a stand-alone module which covers a single part of the chain.

WiseFish is fully integrated with Microsoft Dynamics NAV - software which due to the ease of integration and low on-going support make it particularly attractive to small and medium-sized businesses with limited IT resources.

The new WiseFish v6.0 brings even tighter integration with advanced Dynamics NAV functionality and the new role based interface. It therefore has all the benefits of a powerful ERP system in addition to being designed specifically for the seafood industry.

WiseFish Benefits

- Accurate and real-time inventory control

- Detailed raw material yield and contribution calculations

- Precision costing tools to define acceptable margins

- A consistent information source to manage your entire business

- Complete traceability of all products

- Cost effective regulatory compliance

WiseFish is part of the AKVA group and Talon is the only UK reseller. We are based in Glasgow but have WiseFish clients throughout Scotland and the UK. Our staff have many years of experience working with the seafood industry implementing WiseFish.

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