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FMIS have been providing Enterprise Asset Management software for over 25 years in more than 40 countries worldwide

FMIS Fixed Assets is a comprehensive fixed asset tracking and life-cycle management software solution. The software can be installed on site or remotely and is browser based for easy access. The software's modular structure makes it cost effective for smaller businesses while flexible enough to handle large multi-national operations with millions of assets.

FMIS Fixed Assets is compliant with all relevant standards, including IFRS, SORP, Sarbanes-Oxley, IAS, UK/US GAAP and Component Accounting.

FMIS Fixed Assets works with FMIS Barcoding and FMIS Equipment and Maintenance to provide full audit and management functionality where required. FMIS Field Services Management allows access to any of the other modules even when off-site and when offline.

Key features include:
- Easy installation, set-up and data entry
- Flexible coding structure to fit your individual requirements
- Full history of adjustments, transfers, disposals and other events
- Extensive reporting and search facilities
- Multi-company and multi-book set-up
- Integrates with spreadsheets and leading ERP and finance systems
- Accommodates all known depreciation methods
- User-definable accounting periods and description fields
- Additional or late costs, invoice adjustments and project go-live facilities
- Order Processing, Leasing and Field Services modules

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