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Ascribe Business Intelligence

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Ascribe provide a full end to end business intelligence solution encompassing Microsoft SQL Server 2008r2, Office 2010(Excel PowerPivot) Bing Maps and SharePoint 2010 as its core components. Across 80+ customers we have 1,000s of users accessing daily summary dashboards and reports and receiving personal, daily balanced scorecards showing caseload and other key performance metrics.

The solution exploits SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) to extract, transform and load (ETL) data to the OLAP cubes in SQL Server Analysis Services (SSIS) on a daily basis. The cubes provide multidimensional views of measure data, enabling users to drill up/drill down dimensional hierarchies and slice and dice the data. SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) provides users with a powerful tool for reporting and Performance Point offers interactive dashboards that are tailored to user needs.

Reports and dashboards are delivered via a single point of entry in Microsoft SharePoint 2010 and cube role-based access controls has been implemented in order to target users with the information they need and only the information they are permitted to see.

The solution also generates many standard outputs used in the NHS such as the inpatient and outpatient Commissioning Data Set (the CDS - which evidences activity to payers), Mental Health Minimum Data Set (MHMDS) and data for the Department of Health’s Unify return (which is used to monitor the performance of the entire NHS) at a touch of a button.

The solution contains clinical activity data, HR staffing data and finance / costing model data. This will provide a seamless transition in data flows and allow the Trust to maintain business as usual through uninterrupted reporting.

This links in with our range of other clinical applications such as Pharmacy and core Patient Administration (ePEX) applications. Ascribe's Pharmacy system is a robust and configurable solution that provides a seamless flow of information between prescribing, pharmacy and site administration processes, including stock management and finance, ensuring that all professionals involved have the necessary information with real-time decision support.

Over 75% of NHS Acute Trusts use Ascribe systems and our commitment to improving healthcare IT has made us a strategic partner for a growing number of Trusts. Our BI also works with non-Ascribe systems including all those rolled out as part of the CfH programme.

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