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Document Collaboration

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BT Engage ITs Productivity & Collaboration Solutions provide a clear path towards the more efficient and streamlined working practices that are necessary for your organisation to prosper: software and services that enable people and organisations to work together more effectively.

We offer business analysis and technology consultancy, design and planning services for Productivity & Collaboration. These enable you to identify ways to maximise the performance, reliability and security of collaborative solutions, enhancing business processes and boosting productivity.

It’s unusual for one individual to be the sole contributor to a document; more often it’s a group of people including authors, readers, contributors and reviewers. These individuals have different knowledge, experience and availability, and are often geographically distant - so working together can be a complex process involving file sharing, e-mails, and a great deal of effort to amalgamate changes.

To cut through this complexity, our Document Collaboration Solutions are founded on Microsoft SharePoint Server together with Microsoft Office to enable easy document collaboration, empowering you with tools you are familiar with. Through centralised data sources, powerful data portals and seamless data sharing, features available include check in/out (file locking), versioning and support for metadata (‘data about data’).

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