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C-PORT Financial Module

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One of the greatest challenges in chemotherapy is accurate costing and financial planning. There is a lack of transparency of cost drivers and treatment types locally and much of the data required to analyse patient-level costs is either disparate or too time-consuming to analyse for some Trusts. The result is that determining best practices in chemotherapy delivery and understanding the financial impact of operational decisions is impossible. In addition, with no standardised way of determining patient-level costs, setting an effective national tariff becomes very complicated.

To address this need financial modelling functionality was developed for the Chemotherapy Planning Online Resource Tool (C-PORT), which is an award winning web-based application that gives cancer professionals and healthcare managers the ability to model cancer service delivery in a risk-free online environment. The results allow the user to understand the cost of delivering chemotherapy from the individual treatment level up to the whole unit. The aggregation of this information from Trusts across England will provide the data required to develop an effective national tariff.

The benefit for patients will be a fairer uptake of drugs - reduced “postcode lottery” – and overall improvements in the consistency and quality of care.
The development and implementation of the C-PORT financial tool has been undertaken through a very successful partnership of the National Cancer Action Team (NCAT), management consultants and web developers from Concentra, pharmaceutical companies from the Pharmaceutical Oncology Initiative (POI) and Department of Health (DH) departments responsible for setting the national tariff.

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