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Care Record Service (CRS) Implementation and Connectivity

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WCI has detailed knowledge and experience of integrating systems, preserving existing data and connecting clinical applications within healthcare organisations. Our solution for the successful implementation of the Connecting for Health CRS programme is based on our acute understanding of the NHS's operational practices coupled with our technical knowledge and understanding of the clinical environment. Our repeated success is based on the fact that we consider the clinical and operational context as well as the technical requirements using a systematic, comprehensive framework for assessing, guiding, testing and monitoring progress.

WCI has supported and been actively involved in the Connecting for Health programme from the outset, at both a National and local level. We have a detailed understanding of the applications and technology that support it. We combine this knowledge with experience drawn from the pharmaceutical, aerospace and hi-tech industries enabling Trusts and other healthcare organisations to meet government targets, streamline processes and improve patient pathways safely and securely.

WCI has 4 Gold Microsoft competencies, covering IT infrastructure, business processes, collaboration and security and is Microsoft's UK Security Partner of the Year 2006.

Based in the UK with offices in the USA, WCI is an expanding organisation focused on areas where we are experts. Our unique capability in the healthcare sector, is based on an 18 year NHS track record, excellence in technology and expertise in implementing lean processes.

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