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Borderless Networks

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Enterprise IT systems are evolving at an unprecedented rate as organisations strive to provide access to information quicker and easier. One of the biggest impacts of this evolution is on the network.
The workplace has become more flexible with an increasingly mobile population expecting "anytime" network connectivity, whilst enterprise organisations wrestle with the deployment, management and support of legacy, virtualised and potentially cloud delivered services.

The changing traffic flows generated by server consolidation and virtualisation has evolved legacy network design and implementation forcing a networking and security rethink.

The role of the network is unparalleled as the secure, always on networking required to connect people and organisations is driving the communications experience. This potentially boundless state is commonly described as a 'borderless network' with the walls of an organisation no longer acting as the perimeter of the communications environment.

The Computacenter Borderless Networking proposition includes a portfolio of optimised, pragmatic and 'customer first' architectural approaches to these challenges. The service:

- Provides a standardised enterprise network design, implementation and support services that underpin Computacenter's flexible workplace and dynamic datacenter transformations.

- Delivers an architectural framework for delivering secure datacenter networking solutions to business critical enterprise organisations

- Leverages next generation networking and security technologies, and best practices to future proof customer investments.

- Provides a market aware approach with network solutions specifically designed to underpin virtualisation, collaboration and mobility requirements.

- Is formulated to allow flexible, agile network infrastructure environments to be designed and delivered that address the customer need for IT service delivery without boundaries.

Computacenter's Borderless Network architectural services enable organisations to transform their network platforms and processes. This will result in:
Delivering Datacenter Networking
Organisations are investing in network platforms to embrace any to any, via any device connectivity. The Computacenter Borderless approach leverages years of accumulated knowledge from both in-house and via selected partners to allow organisations to create high performance, dynamic, secure connectivity environments.

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