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Microsoft BPOS

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Dynamic Edge provide businesses with the most cost-effective and dynamic IT infrastructure and support model. Dynamic Edge is the next generation of IT Service Company.

Basing our solution portfolio on 'cloud computing' services we can offer greater flexibility and resilience for any organisations' IT systems. It is as simple as switching on services as the business demands - no need to build servers or install complex
network infrastructure.

Resulting cost savings come from:
- Reduction (or elimination) of server hardware including power and cooling costs.

- Considerably lower ongoing IT support costs. - No requirement for periodic infrastructure upgrade projects.

Moving to 'The Cloud' can typically lower ongoing IT support costs by over 40%. Essentially 'cloud computing' shifts the organisational IT cost centre from capital expenditure to operational expenditure.

In today's competitive global market, businesses need cost-effective technology that allows flexibility and adds value to their organisation. The Microsoft Business Productivity Online Services (BPOS) Suite delivers hosted communication and collaboration tools that feature:

- High availability
- Comprehensive security
- Simplified IT management

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