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Cloud Computing

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With a traditional server-based model, your business scales up through purchasing additional servers which require hosting, as well as regular monitoring and maintenance.

With a cloud-based solution, when there is additional demand for a service – such as an increase in website traffic – an additional virtual server can simply be ‘switched on’ in a matter of minutes to cope with any extra demand. Once the peak in demand has reduced, the original levels can be restored.

This level of flexibility and agile service is of paramount importance to businesses who want to remain productive and competitive in challenging business environments.

Key benefits:

- Agile and flexible; allowing for scalability up or down
- Regular subscription-based service makes budget planning transparent
- No expensive hardware investment or on-going maintenance costs
- Frees up valuable resources to focus on other business critical services
- Seamless user experience with no loss in performance of services, and familiar Microsoft tools and interface

Innovise are experienced in helping with the transition to cloud computing. To find out more, contact us at, visit our website or call us today on +44 (0)3700 603373.

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