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Installation of Exchange Server and Windows Server 2003 - Upgrade from SBS

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As succesful companies grow one of the fundamental issues is that the Exchange, File and Print and Active Directory functions are often installed on one overburdened one, under-specified server. Further growth in number of employees can exacerbate this scenario to leave the server delivering services which are reducing the productivity of the business.

Installing dedicated, separate servers, and upgrading from the bundled SBS product can lead to significant productivity improvements and help accelerate growth. SBS upgrade is an important project for any business to undertake. Wavex is ideally positioned to provide such upgrades due to its in depth technical know how, project management, consultancy and support skills.

The project will deliver:
• Significant Increase in the dedicated resource of the handling of e-mail services resulting
greater stability and performance
• Removal of a single point of failure for print/mail services
• Increase in performance across the network as a whole due to the freeing of the domain
controller/file and print server from having to utilise the majority of its resource to handle

Wavex has performed many such upgrades and can provide references on request.

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