Information Management Group (IMGROUP)

Information Management Group (IMGROUP)

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Information Management Group (IMGROUP)

Social CRM services

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What Do You Want To Do With Social Marketing?

Master, Measure & Monetise Your Social Marketing Activities:

Social networking is the most vocal and pervasive force in marketing with the power to influence customer awareness, preferences, prejudices and decision making. You can monitor and moderate conversations on all the major social networks that affect your sales, profitability and brand. You can respond to, and influence, what people and communities say about you. And, all the while, you can feed a rich stream of detailed personal data directly into your core CRM systems.

Feed Rich Social Marketing Data Directly into Your CRM Systems:

SocialCRM enables you to gather highly detailed social data and combine it seamlessly with your core CRM records. You can then interrogate and analyse your enriched data to create a wealth of actionable customer insights. SocialCRM also enables you to track consumer trends and monitor and moderate what’s being said about your brand, in real-time, across all of the most popular social networks. And it enables you to plan, deploy and measure more intelligent and profitable social marketing campaigns.

Deliver Measurable ROI From Social Marketing:

SocialCRM funnels all of the data generated via your disparate social accounts and combines it with your core customer records to create a single, consolidated consumer view. SocialCRM also provides each authorised team member with a simple to use social marketing ‘dashboard’. Using a common set of tools, processes and data, your people can then monitor social network trends, moderate conversations, blogs and tweets, and execute social broadcasts and campaigns.

Convert Facebook 'Likes' into Business Opportunities:

SocialCRM enables you to identify, track, score and engage with consumers who like your brand and are most likely to share your posts and updates with their followers and friends. SocialCRM enables you to track the trending ‘Advocacy Score’ of engagers, followers and fans. It also gives you an easy to use platform for deploying targeted campaigns, posts and updates to your greatest advocates to generate more followers, customers and sales.

Define & Quantify the Business Case for Social Marketing:

IMGROUP can help you define and quantify the business case for advancing social marketing throughout your organisation.

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