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The Information cabinet (iCAB) - Enhancing the information experience

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With the launch of the iCab, the HC employees are much better informed with staff able to share information and collaborate easier. The portal provides faster searches for relevant documents, improving efficiency across all areas of the Healthcare Commission. Information is displayed in a much friendlier fashion that encourages users to input and use data much more efficiently. The iCab promotes information governance and data quality by consistence in handling and retaining data.

The comprehensive nature and timeliness of Information Cabinet as a tool for HCAI project work has been praised by users, with the vast majority of participants polled in a follow-up evaluation noting the quality of the information pulled back by Information Cabinet was never less than ‘good’ when compared to information delivered by other search engines when used for related topics.

The clear majority (85%) of users characterised the list of sites/information generated by Information Cabinet as a “near perfect fit”, which in practise meant greatly reduced time spent by them searching for relevant information.

The Info Cabinet users also praised its speed. On average it took just 6.5 minutes to reach the target information they were seeking, a time that includes both learning time by the system and analysis of results. Previously, it would have taken the team of analysts collating and compiling the information for inspections much longer.

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