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ICS Solutions Ltd

The SharePoint Adoption Framework – driving SharePoint adoption by empowering business users.

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The key barrier to capitalising on SharePoint’s enormous potential for business improvement is getting business users to understand and embrace it. Success with SharePoint is not achieved in the same way as traditional IT projects, collaboration is widely distributed rather than centralised, it happens “at the coalface” and should be woven into the way people work. Success requires motivated local business managers and users to understand it, buy into it and take ownership for making it happen. The SharePoint Adoption Framework is designed to help your business do just this.

The SharePoint Adoption Framework overcomes the key barriers to SharePoint adoption by engaging business users locally and allowing them to be self sufficient by skilling power users. The SharePoint Adoption Framework uniquely combines technical and business consulting, classroom and CBT training, support, staffing, management, methodology and IT tools in a single, coordinated and scalable offering.

SharePoint Fundamentals - A successful SharePoint adoption can only be achieved if the SharePoint fundamentals are in place. The failure of certain fundamentals, such as the physical installation, could immediately halt the rollout while others, such as governance plans, could make the implementation become more unmanageable over time.

The Framework's Foundation Audits investigate each of the fundamentals against published best practice and provides a report confirming levels of compliance. Where full compliance is not achieved, recommendations will be provided on actions needed to achieve this.

SharePoint Foundation Skills - For a successful SharePoint adoption local Business Managers should be driving the use of SharePoint's high value collaboration functions into their departments.

Local Power Users should be skilled in creating SharePoint collaboration content for Business Managers avoiding central IT bottlenecks. End Users should receive “just in time” on-line training covering both central and locally created functions. The SharePoint Adoption Framework Foundation service weaves these 3 elements into a single program removing the risk, cost and guesswork from getting the business really using SharePoint.

SharePoint Business Application - Business Managers and users must receive local practical assistance, mentoring and support at critical moments to apply their SharePoint Foundation Skills.

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