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Business Intelligence and Performance Management enabling Trust wide decision making

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The Trust had fairly basic information provision and analysis. Data was analysed from a wide set of services such as Patient Activity, Finance, Staff and Support Services, the results of which are often collated on a single sheet to allow Divisions and the Trust to see potential correlations. However, there was limited Trust-wide analysis pulling together multiple service area data.

Rather, the data and information tends to be managed in silos, with the Trust’s Information Services department responsible for reporting patient activity, the Finance department responsible for finance reporting and HR responsible for reporting on staffing etc. Consequently, the information available was not exploited to support decision making. Departments are often monitoring but not using data to help identify root causes of trends.

The Trust’s Business Intelligence vision was one wherein information is easily accessible, easy to use, in context and able to support staff in making informed decisions.

Concentra provided the Trust a Microsoft based solution. The data warehouse linked to the Trust’s source databases to create a robust, ‘single version of the truth’. 

An OLAP cube developed in Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services as part of the data warehouse ensured that information requests are delivered as fast as possible to the user. Microsoft Business Intelligence and Microsoft SQL Reporting have been used to deliver the information through the Trust’s SharePoint in the required formats of dashboards / scorecards / KPI alerts / reports, enabling staff to conduct data analysis based upon their permission level.

The solution matched the needs of the Trust to the tools that are available and the expertise that Concentra has (Microsoft Gold Partner with competencies in Business Intelligence Solutions, Data Management Solutions, Information Worker Solutions, Customer Development Solutions, Hosting and advanced Infrastructure Solutions) minimised  additional cost through the use of the Microsoft NHS Enterprise Agreement implementing an industry standard approach that enabled the Trust’s strategy to evolve without constraints from its technology platform, minimising ‘wastage’ costs of work that has been conducted to date on the project building upon existing knowledge within the Trust created a single version of the truth.

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