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SharePoint 2013

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SharePoint 2013 from Outsourcery provides a business collaboration tool for sharing documents and information across your business; streamlining processes and improving efficiency through team collaboration.

With SharePoint 2013, you can design your own intranet, extranet or website. Your users can create blogs, wiki sites, track business projects, run company surveys and share information across your business. You can setup online forms and workflows to improve business processes and even create secure areas to service your customers. You can even present comprehensive business intelligence (BI) through SharePoint using external data sources as required. SharePoint 2013 is a great solution for giving home and mobile workers or people outside your business secure access to documents or company information. Plus, with Anti-Virus protection safeguarding all your important information, you don’t have to worry about lost or compromised data.

Delivered via our O-Cloud Platform, you can avoid the lengthy and expensive process of buying, installing, managing and maintaining hardware and software at your premises.

- Provides business users with self service access to performance data, removing a need
for IT involvement
- Automates report distribution, publishing, and sharing
- Integrates performance data with planning data, operational systems and
unstructured sources
- Provides enhanced tools for self-service data consolidation, integration and analysis

- Reduced cost to gather/consolidate data as IT and line of business managers involvement limited
- Significantly decreased time and effort to incorporate data from multiple sources into reports linking performance to business strategy
- Improved ability to identify and isolate trends and performance issues, leading to better decision making
- Management able to make better decisions and react more quickly to changing business conditions

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