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cmi: Protecting the Future of Your Business

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As with any business that uses technology there is a need to keep it protected. From that starting point we can then introduce decent infrastructure, the right level of applications and services, all running at the highest levels of performance, reliability and growth needed to help you meet your business objectives.

This is then all wrapped up in a proactive package designed to make sure you get the most out of the information systems you have purchased and will show what can happen when the right decisions in terms of IT expenditure are made and the impact that can have on your business.

We specialise in several areas but all within the Microsoft Solutions Family from the various Windows Server Systems such as Exchange, SQL Server and of course the Windows Server Family and with that we have a good reputation for delivering thin-client based solutions. We have also evolved our business as time has passed by providing additional services for our customers such as bespoke development in Visual Studio, .NET, SQL Server 2005 and SharePoint with a number of decent projects under our belt.

In our previous lives we were management consultants specialising in IT and from those years of experience we learned that we can offer both the strategic and technical sides to IT management for most types of business with services such as specification and selection, project management and IT Management mentoring. We have worked in partnerships with various IT companies in the past and to date these have worked well. We believe this is down to us being able to give a unique view of a project not only from the infrastructure side but also from the development and strategic sides as well.

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