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ICS Solutions SharePoint 2010 User Centric Intranet

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    Consulting, Professional Service
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    Business Application Development
  • Works With:

    Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010
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    General - Applicable to All

The SharePoint 2010 User Centric Intranet puts end user productivity, collaboration and enterprise social networking at the heart of the Intranet to drive adoption and business return. 

The User Centric Intranet uses the SharePoint 2010 Mysite with structured aggregation to deliver Corporate communications and self service applications. Enhanced Search is used to provide users with an easy and powerful way of finding unstructured corporate information and fully integrated Social Networking completes the trio of User focused tools.

SharePoint's powerful portal capability provides departments or other organisation groups with a scalable platform to support the most sophisticated or simplest requirements with the structured aggregation tools driving selected content to users Mysite Homepage. Finally security trimmed provisioning wizards allow users to create new Intranet services, such as collaboration, and to select where they are stored. 

User Experience -  Providing users with a high quality user experience based on the most efficient use of SharePoint standard features where possible

Mysite Homepage -  Using SharePoint's Mysite as the default homepage with feeds taken from the distributed Intranet to provide users with a single place to go for relevant, timely information

Personalisation - Improved relevance and adoption through BBC style self service personalisation

Social Networking -  Making maximum use of Social media tools for communication,  collaboration and inclusion

Collaboration Provisioning -  Providing users with the tools to self provision collaboration services for maximum adoption and organisational process improvement

Document Panes - Organising documents into a highly relevant and accessible single point of truth

Departmental Portals - Providing departments and groups owners and users with a powerful and flexible platform to house content and structure.

Advanced Search - Providing users with a highly useable front end over SharePoint's powerful search engine to support maximum content search and discovery

Self Service applications - Making maximum use of SharePoint's ability to quickly create and deploy a wide array of self service applications to improve business productivity

Site and Content Management -  Providing a highly agile method of building and maintaining site content with the minimum of specialist skills.

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