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Information Management Group (IMGROUP)

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Information Management Group (IMGROUP)

Master Data Management Expertise

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As organisations come under increasing regulatory pressures and source systems become ever more diverse and can include both on-premise and off-premise systems, the need for effective 'Master Data Management' (MDM) becomes ever more relevant.

Master data can be derived from a broad range of areas including customer, product or people. Unstructured content, such as emails or reports, transactional data, metadata, relationship context and descriptive elements all form a simplistic view of what can be a far more complex area of data governance and management.

A common understanding across the enterprise of what the underlying data means is key to the success of any information management project and underpins the success or failure not just of the BI/ data warehouse project, but of the business itself. For example, if you are not sure what the term 'Sales' means in the context of a report you are reviewing then that report becomes useless. MDM provides a central reference point for such information.

IMGROUP have implemented many projects that have been built around a corporate-wide MDM platform and we have extensive experience of helping organisations to not only manage the initial development, but also the processes that support the on-going integrity of MDM. This can translate directly into reduced risk, improved decision making and better business performance.

Benefits of working with IMGROUP

- Proven track record of delivering MDM solutions
- Knowledge and partnerships with specialist vendors and ISV’s for MDM
- Mapping business strategy and objectives to MDM definitions and structure
- MDM frameworks, models and methodologies to help you fast track your project
- Highly skilled team of specialists in MDM

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