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Openwork Business Intelligence Center

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ICS Solutions are the UK's no 1 SharePoint partner with over 300 SharePoint Consultants, over 8 years experience and delivery of 150 projects.

The SharePoint Advantage Program from ICS Solutions is a flexible framework of options that reduce the time, cost and risk of deploying and managing SharePoint.

The Program means that our clients like Virgin Vie, HBOS and FSA benefit from our full range of products and services for all of their SharePoint projects and with our help have extracted the maximum value from their Microsoft investment.

ICS Solutions are proud to have worked with Openwork to deliver one of the world’s first Business Intelligence solutions on SharePoint 2010. The Openwork Business Intelligence Center showcases the Insight capabilities of SharePoint 2010, including PerformancePoint Services, Excel Services and Visio Services in a Sales Directors Dashboard. Key features include Dashboards, Scorecards and the Decomposition Tree.

The Business Intelligence Center is a rich and intuitive environment providing instant, up to date graphical analysis of their business. Data can be exported into Office 2010 clients such as Excel and Word at the push of a button. Analysis which used to take days is now performed in minutes, with the potential to make the business more agile, responsive and cost effective. The Business Intelligence Center also facilitates increased collaboration through its discussion threads, allowing all members of the organisation using the dashboard to comment on the discussions, sharing important information and ideas throughout the organisation.

The Dashboard
Consists of a Scorecard and a related graph of figures. The categories in the Openwork Scorecard show Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).  

Reports Library
This feature allows Openwork to report their data spatially integrating with Bing Maps.

These consist of a hierarchy of KPI categories and against each KPI are all the items of interest. The KPI utility also has a KPI discussion thread function, allowing users to view the thread or create a new discussion, and also post comments on the dashboard status for all to view. Using the Business Intelligence Center, Openwork have the ability to export to Powerpoint or Excel in one click.

For more information or to discuss your SharePoint 2010 requirements contact ICS Solutions today.

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