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Business Intelligence Expertise
As four times consecutive Global Partner of the Year for Microsoft in the area of BI and data management, IMGROUP are uniquely placed to help our customers take advantage of the offerings from Microsoft...
Fast-Track Microsoft Dynamics CRM Training and Certification
Combining F1’s 20 years of CRM experience with the power of Microsoft Dynamics CRM, we are empowering customers to create dynamic and easily-adopted CRM systems for the cloud or on-premise, with fast,...
Microsoft SharePoint Solution
The explosion of social media has had a profound effect on the way that we create, share and find information. The benchmark for collaboration and communication within the business is being set by the...
Touchstone CRM Foundation Services - Overview
When it comes to CRM, every organisation has different needs. Your business, ambitions, budget, timescales, skills, IT landscape and organisational culture are unique to your business – and the way you...
Microsoft Dynamics CRM Implementation
Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is a strategy to capitalise on your customer information, integrating and coordinating all customer facing processes, channels and interactions, to improve sales,...
CRM Online Trial Support
Since the launch of Dynamics CRM Online, Cloud9 Insight has been supporting small and medium-sized businesses (up to 200 users) to get the most out of their trial evaluation. We support customers with...
Microsoft BPOS
Dynamic Edge provide businesses with the most cost-effective and dynamic IT infrastructure and support model. Dynamic Edge is the next generation of IT Service Company. Basing our solution portfolio...
Microsoft Licensing Solutions
Insight recognises the increasingly vital role software plays in the IT environment of organisations. Through a combination of acquisition and organic growth, Insight has positioned itself as one of the...
Professional Services Industry Services
As a professional services organisation itself IMGROUP is acutely aware of the people centric nature of the services sector and the challenges that it faces. Our own internal BI systems have been...
Retail Industry Services
Today's retailers are confronted by a wide and varied range of challenges and opportunities to their businesses. The biggest issues they face are in cost reduction, rationalisation of the supply chain and...