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Hosted Lync

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Outsourcery Unified Lync helps people to connect anytime, anywhere. It’s a single user interface and is easy to use, allowing people to interact through their desktop simply and quickly, improving efficiency and collaboration. Your desktop becomes your phone and this opens up communication through your Microsoft applications such as Outlook, Word, and Excel etc.

Outsourcery has invested in a carrier grade telecommunications network to enable full voice functionality with a quality of experience that’s equal to a PSTN call.

The key benefits of Lync to an organisation are:

- Lower communication costs: Unified Lync removes the need for different communications systems, making it simpler and more affordable to work together.
- Reduce business expenditure: Reduce travel costs and downtime by holding meetings online. Use Unified Lync for presentations, conferences and updates rather than travelling to the office.
- Improve productivity: Unified Lync allows you to communicate in real-time so teams can collaborate quickly in the most effective way.
- Enable remote working: Access rich communications tools from practically anywhere with an internet connection. Users can work from home, on the road or from remote offices for maximum flexibility and productivity.

Our Professional Services team are on hand to discuss all your requirements and considerations required for Lync.

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Microsoft Lync and remote working

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