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ICS Solutions Ltd

Web based sales force applicaiton for Computacenter

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The Sales Zone Application that we have developed for our client Computacenter provides a significantly more effective solution for their global sales force and pre sales consultants to find the latest, most up to date case studies and customer facing material. This structured solution enables owners of content to use workflows to submit material for approval, and to retire content that is out of date. The solution also categorises the content against ‘Computacenter business domain and vocabulary’ so users searching for information can use language they are familiar with. These properties relate to Computacenter definitions of industry sectors, propositions that they sell and other specific meta data. This enterprise metadata can be extended business users who can create specific content types, vocabulary and metadata for their needs. The content type implementation will support inheritance, sub classing and scoping so that a particular business user can extend a content type by adding a column whilst maintaining all the other attributes of the content type which are managed centrally. This flexible approach to metadata enhances the standard search functionality provided by MOSS. The enhanced search functionality will allow users to refine search results based on a number of dynamic facets. A facet will generally correspond to a meta data property or a general dimension such as date. The Finder will provide these facets to the user in an intelligent way and only show facets which are appropriate to the search being performed.

This solution allows users to reduce the time spent searching for sales material, improving the efficiency of the sales force and increasing their response time to their clients, making the sales force more effective. Importantly it increases their confidence that the material is the most valid and up to date version and therefore more likely to help them win the business.

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