June 15, 2012


Streamline Sales, Create Great Customer Experiences with Dynamics CRM

It’s no secret that employee productivity and impact depend largely on having the right tools. With Microsoft Dynamics CRM, your employees get not only centralized, intuitive means to streamline their service processes and escalations, but tools for uncovering and analyzing sales trends and tracking the pipeline. They’re better equipped to create world-class customer experiences, reach your organization’s goals and maximize revenue.

Consider enlisting a Microsoft-certified expert to help you make get the most out of your Microsoft Dynamics CRM investment. Search Pinpoint or the Microsoft Dynamics Marketplace for the right one.

Why Microsoft?

Microsoft Dynamics CRM provides the following benefits.

  1. Value: The costs of licensing, services, training, deployment, administration and maintenance all add up. Microsoft Dynamics CRM is regarded by customers, press and industry analysts as one of the best values among CRM options.
  2. Productivity: Increased productivity and a connected organization translate to better customer satisfaction and competitive edge.
  3. Familiarity: Many users appreciate having powerful CRM capabilities right within the familiar Microsoft Outlook application.
  4. Innovation: Microsoft Dynamics CRM has been recognized for category-leading capabilities at multiple enterprise levels by Forrester.
  5. The Cloud: Use the cloud to reduce systems management and maintenance costs, and pay only for the capacity you need. Microsoft provides a financially backed service agreement to ensure system availability. And compatibility with Microsoft Office 365 and Windows Azure helps you leverage the cloud to optimize your business productivity.
  6. Microsoft Partner Network: This worldwide network of providers of professional services and third-party applications can help you augment your Microsoft Dynamics CRM investment. Search Microsoft Pinpoint or the Microsoft Dynamics Marketplace to find partners and add-on solutions.
  7. Global Availability: Integrated, localized tools provided by Microsoft Dynamics CRM and CRM Online help teams around the world communicate, collaborate and drive global results.
  8. Microsoft Office: Working seamlessly with Microsoft Outlook and leveraging the capabilities of Microsoft Office 365 , Microsoft Dynamics CRM lets you take full advantage of products, services and solutions your CRM professionals know and use every day – making them instantly more productive.
  9. Business Insights: Numerous business intelligence and data visualization capabilities give users instant access to sales forecasts, targets, quotas, customer buying patterns and promotions, to help drive sales growth.
  10. Extended CRM: Manage critical relationships not just with customers but with partners, suppliers, contractors and others. At no additional fee, Microsoft Dynamics CRM can be easily customized to support these extended scenarios. By using Windows Azure App Fabric to achieve interoperation between Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Windows Azure, you can have Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 and Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online work with other cloud and on-premises applications.

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