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AXtension Kitting

by AXtension
  • App Type

    On-premises Application
  • Business Need

    Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)
  • Works With

    Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009, Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012, Microsoft Dynamics AX 2013 R3
  • Industry Focus


AXtension® Kitting is a powerful Microsoft Dynamics AX add-on that adds value to every organization that works with a process in which individually separate but related items are grouped, packaged and supplied together as one unit. For example, a wine gift box that consists of a box, a corkscrew, the bottle of wine and a book. As a kit can have a lead-time, you can also define a kit for temporary sales promotions. These are just two examples of many situations where AXtension® Kitting is an essential enhancement of Microsoft Dynamics AX.

AXtension® Kitting offers huge benefits to the Sales department because they can easily quote the costs related to a kit and immediately calculate the price for their offer. The sales representative also has direct insight into the available stock of all the items in the kit and immediately knows how many kits are directly available. The logistics department saves tremendous amounts of time using AXtension® Kitting because they can assemble a kit without physically going to production and easily handle shipments and returns. The purchasing department can use AXtension® Kitting for purchasing and facilitating the purchasing as well as the return/exchange process.

AXtension® Kitting:

- Enhances the Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable and Inventory management processes in Microsoft Dynamics AX.

- Handles a list of items as one unit (a kit) without having to use the production module. You can sell a kit, pick and ship the parts and invoice the kit.

- Allows a kit to comprise of items and a services Bill Of Materials(BOMs).

- Lets you define a Static kit, where you define a set list of items that never change (the numbers also do not change), and a unique Dynamic kit, where you can select the required items from a predefined list and change the numbers required dynamically at quotation or order entry.

- Implements the kit process for the sales orders as well as the purchase order.

- Uses the kit in the sales quotation, project quotation and project item requirements.

- Lets you price kit items as a kit (at a special price) or simply as the sum of its parts.

- Provides a workflow where, when the sales quotation has become an order, the kit is transferred to a sales order, the packing slip and eventually an invoice. When a kit is purchased, the required order lines are automatically specified on the purchase order.

- Lets you easily return an entire kit or checkmark returned parts.

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