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Atos Information Technology HK Ltd.


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  • Service Type:

    Consulting, Professional Service
  • Business Need:

    Computer/PC Installation and Repair
  • Works With:

    Windows 7 Enterprise, Windows 7 Professional
  • Industry Focus:

    Financial Services, Transportation

Activ7 provides an overview of the migration service offering and what is included in this offer. In summary the service is split into 4 components: Value of 7, Ready for 7, Move to 7, and Run with 7.

In summary, Atos Origin Migration service provides all of the services include evaluating, preparing and migrating to Windows 7. The key changes from traditional migrations are the options delivered by Atos Origin Migration. Whether it is a traditional migration projects or an automated, user driven migration required.

The Windows 7 Planning (Value of 7 and Ready for 7) is a service outlining the development of a deployment plan for the target desktop operating environment in customers. It identifies lines of ownership for both business and technical teams, defining who is responsible for what areas of the system. Furthermore it establishes rules for appropriate deployment methods of the Windows client’s environments.

An effective Windows 7 Planning ensures the deployment is managed and used in accordance with its designed intent to prevent it from becoming an unmanageable deployment. The management of an enterprise-wide system involves both a strategic, business-minded board to craft rules and procedures for the use of the system and also a tactical, technically-competent team to manage the routine operational tasks that keep the deployments smoothly.

The primary goals of using Activ7 are to:
1. Evaluate Windows 7 Features of Productivity gains for the business
2. Application testing and remediation
3. To establish the required infrastructure to support the deployment
4. To conduct the approach used in rollout by the principle of low risk, minimal migration duration and minimal user interruption for users

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