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CoreMinder Consulting Limited

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Hong Kong and China

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We provide end to end Strategic Solutions Consultancy to our clients. Our reputation on ‘getting things done for our clients’ is known not only during the implementation but also after the implementation. We look for partnership with our clients as we pour our hearts into all of our implementation projects and share the joy upon our clients’ successful implementation. We provided what is needed to our clients and took pride in celebrating our clients’ further success thru the accomplishment of our project. CoreMinder ’s most valued reward from our clients is their unanimous satisfactions on our quality service.

General Support Services

CoreMinder’s Support Services serves as the centralized contact point between our support team and our customers.

We provide support on:

• ERP System
• PC Networking & Infrastructure
• Email System
• Workflow System
• Supply Chain System Most of our customers’ HQs are based in Hong Kong and their manufacturing facilities in China.

IT Consultation Services

In view of the intensifying global competition and demanding customers, many companies find it very difficult to keep up with their competitors if they are not agile enough. CoreMinder ’s IT consultation service is to apply the best technologies and solutions available today and matches them with our customers’ latest Business Model. We focus on matching the right solutions to the most appropriate business model. Our belief is to help our customers to be more successful through the use of Information Technology.

We provide:

• ERP Consultation & Implementation Services for Microsoft Dynamics NAV & Dynamics AX
• Business Intelligence Consultation & Implementation Services for Microsoft Business Intelligence Products
• Business Process Study & Re-Engineering Services
• IT Infrastructure Consulting Services

System Integration / Internet Development Services

E-business‘s importance has attracted most attentions in recent years. In general, clients need E-business to communicate with their suppliers and clients. CoreMinder has took part in this area by becoming the bridge between the Internal System – ERP and the external world using various internet tools.

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