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Time-Technology and the Trans-Capes

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Time-technology and trans-capes is a new medium of communication. Unlike the mass media of TV, print, films or even the internet, trans-capes provide a rich and varigated mechanism for individualization, synchronization, record keeping and many other services in an integrated format to enhance convenience, timeliness and simultaneous use by all nationalities, cultures, value systems, philosophies be they human or not.

It is a system of organization, analysis, collection and presentation of data as well as many other processes necessary for the communication and interaction for societal existence. This complex product is available in many business models already familiar to buyers such as the application purchase, application lease, subscription, transaction fees, advertising supported, sponsorship etc., to list a few.

The application is also available as a tool for the "do-it-yourself" market.

Time-technology and trans-capes could also be purchased as a service by entering into a consultancy agreement.

Please submit your inquiry or expression of interest on-line at our web site.

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