Five Ways Your Business Can Benefit from Windows 8

Designed to meets users' needs for speed, multi-device access and touch-screen capabilities, Windows 8 also packs ground-breaking advancements in mobile productivity and security that can help you maximise ROI. The new OS will become generally available on 26 October.

Take a look at some of the specific ways Windows 8 can benefit your business:

1. Enhanced Mobile Productivity for Managing Remote Workers

Is your off-site workforce growing? Windows 8 helps you seamlessly and more securely extend your corporate IT environment to remote workers.

  • Windows To Go gives users (including contractors and employees) a corporate Windows image that includes custom applications, settings and corporate data on a compatible USB storage device. Whether they're on work-issued or personal PCs, users get a rich, consistent, personalised Windows 8 experience without compromising corporate security.
  • DirectAccess enables remote users to seamlessly connect to a corporate network without having to launch a separate connection, making it more convenient than a Virtual Private Network (VPN). Administrators can monitor connections and remotely manage client computers.

2. Better End-to-End Security for a More Stable Foundation

With a robust anti-malware package and a focus on securing and protecting applications, Windows 8 promises to be the most secure OS to date. Here are a few features:

  • Trusted boot and measured boot processes stop malware programmes before and during boot.
  • BitLocker Drive Encryption helps protect data theft due to lost, stolen or inappropriately decommissioned computers.
  • AppLocker allows IT administrators to specify the apps that users can run.
  • Windows SmartScreen app reputation protects against malicious software.
  • Claim-based access control enables you to set up and manage data usage policies.

3. More Possibilities for Line of Business (LOB) Application Development and Management

LOB apps, such as point-of-sale applications, help you customise and streamline business processes. The results: increased employee productivity, easier deployment and a more intuitive experience for PC users. With Windows 8, developers can programme in the languages they already know-C#, C++, JavaScript and Visual Basic.

4. Deployment Tools for Smoother Implementation

The Application Compatibility Toolkit (ACT) and User State Migration Tool (USMT) help identify compatibility issues and automate data migration from a previous Windows installation (including Windows XP).

5. Happy Users = More Productive Workers

The Windows 8 graphic interface is deeply personalised, fast and fluid. The touch-enabled experience translates seamlessly to a mouse and keyboard, and extends to all sorts of devices, from high-performing desktop PCs to low-power tablets (think longer battery life). With cloud connection, users can instantly access the people, files and settings they care about - Start page, themes, language preferences and browser favourites - when they sign in.


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