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Managing business applications is a complicated and time consuming IT process with many tasks spread over lengthy lifecycles and involving different development languages and implementation techniques. Application packaging and metadata can easily become fragmented and misplaced due to the many required steps and the number of people involved, resulting in costly errors.

Atea Application Manager is a web-based application management solution that integrates with Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager. It enables the IT organization to gain visibility into all desktop application assets and their impacts on the enterprise while automating the processes for managing applications from inception to retirement.

Application Manager is crucial to the application packaging process:

• Automate application package ordering
• Document application details (owner, license payment information, application expert, source media files, etc.)
• Manage the Discovery and User Acceptance Testing phases

Application Manager also organizes all software metadata in one place. You can see who has requested a new application, when the order was placed, and what changes have been made to existing applications.

Application Manager gives you a holistic view of your IT desktop application portfolio.

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