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Campaign Monitor for Dynamo: Email Marketing for Dynamics CRM 2011/2013

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Dynamo is a high-performance data synchronization engine designed for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011/2013. With Dynamo, you can configure and schedule integration between your CRM system and other vital Business systems.

Connectors for Dynamo

Dynamo works with different kind of connectors. Use can use one or all of the connectors on a single Dynamo installation. You can also use a single Dynamo installation with multiple CRM Organizations. In other words; Dynamo is flexible and will scale exactly to the needs of your CRM Infrastructure.

Campaign Monitor for Dynamo

Campaign Monitor is a full featured and Cloud-based Email Marketing system. Campaign Monitor sticks out by being inexpensive as well as very user friendly. More than 80.000 companies are already using Campaign Monitor to manage their email marketing.

Feature overview:
- Synchronizes Campaign data to CRM Marketing Campaigns
- Synchronizes Subscriber Lists to CRM Marketing Lists
- Synchronizes both Leads, Contacts and Account
- More than 20 tweaks for synchronization can be setup individually on each Campaign and Marketing List
- Respects and maintains your Do not Bulk-Email settings
- Supports both Static and Dynamic Marketing Lists in two-way synchronization scenarios

Visit our product pages to read about why Dynamo for Campaign Monitor is simply unsurpassed when it comes to intelligent, fast and seamless integration between the best Email Marketing System and the best CRM System in the Marketplace.

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