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Valentia Technologies

CareMonX FMS Suite

by Valentia Technologies
  • App Type

    On-premises Application
  • Business Need

    Asset Management
  • Works With

    Microsoft .NET Framework
  • Industry Focus

    Healthcare, Transportation

CareMonX FMS Suite has been especially developed to address the unique requirements for managing ambulance and other healthcare vehicle fleets. In addition to all standard core fleet management functionality it contains a wide range of healthcare-relevant features, including
hygiene management, on-board equipment management and paramedic crew licensing and competency assurance.

Leveraging Modern Technologies

Modern technologies are extensively leveraged throughout the system, including use of handheld mobile terminals for workshop and in-field use. Real-time integration with vehicle electronics data systems (can data) is also supported.

Minimising Vehicle Downtime

Vehicle downtime and substitution is minimized through use of smart workflow features and automated alerts for scheduled and ad hoc inspections and

Platform Architecture

CareMonX FMS Suite has been designed on services-oriented architecture (SOA) using the latest Microsoft .net technology. It is optimally designed to operate on a Platform Architecture centralized hosted model to facilitate efficient operational management and support.

Main Modules

- Individual Vehicle Records
- Fleet Administration
- Cost Control
- Maintenance Management
- Stores Management
- Staff Management
- Equipment Management
- Collision Management
- Hygiene Management
- Defects Management
- Real-Time AVL Tracking
- Automated Alerts
- Accounting
- Reporting
- System Interfaces

Principal Features

- Vehicle Lifecycle Management
- Fleet Planning & Deployment
- Cost Control
- Inspection & Maintenance Alerts
- Vehicle Electronics
- Multiple Data Input Options
- Flexible Modular Design
- Reports

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