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Framework for Business

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Framework for Business (F4B) is an integrated, process-oriented business information system which comprises all the elements needed for successful information and business management. The system comprises an array of ready-made solutions which, by using a methodological approach, adapt to the work organization of various industries and businesses. The basic idea behind the F4B model is describing each business by following the flow of various documents which contain certain information. In each phase of system presentation the same rules and standardized procedures apply, which makes it easy to use. The F4B system is primarily aimed at medium to large organizations.
The F4B architecture enables:
- Easy adaptation to business processes
- Standardized administrative and user interface
- Configurability and control of system parameters (users, folders, documents, tasks,...)
- Easy upgrading
- Standardized implementation method
- Advanced security model

F4B characteristics:
- Practicality
- Robustness
- Openness
- Modularity
- Integration
- Security
- Efficiency

Basic configuration of Framework for business uses Windows client computers (windows xp and above) with .net framework 4 on client side that communicate through internal or vpn network with Windows server 2003 and above(windows server 2012 recommended) . The main component on windows server is SQL server. Current recommendation is SQL Server 2008 R2 or SQL Server 2012.

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