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Business Application Studio is a Business Application platform that covers the entire life-cycle of business application and business process. This can be used to model, manage, develop and deploy SOA based Enterprise grade end-to-end business applications.

BA Studio generates applications with rich user interface that can be deployed in Desktop or Web environment. BAStudio facilitates to develop the application faster and fluid with best visual interface that allows the configurator and end-user to perform the task simultaneously.
Creating the model and then incorporating the user feedback before deploying the application will maximize productivity and satisfaction of the customers.

BA Studio the solution designed to empower the IT managers, helps to realize the application development is much easier than ever before. With BA Studio, businesses can meet their needs of deploying the application in just few days of normal development cycle which otherwise makes the project running with big challenges of time overrun, resources attrition, long
testing cycle and increasing budget.


Visual IDE - With comprehensive IDE get complete set of tools that helps to build new business application, write and modify the code for programs, and also detect and correct errors in programs. With fast and efficient debugging tools, organizes your work in projects targeting an enterprise-grade integration, deployment and management infrastructure.
Silverlight 4 Framework - With blend of Silverlight 4 framework create rich media applications that are accessible, discoverable by search engines. It’s easier to interact with huge amounts of data on the Web in new ways
Database - With Agile Platform design and manage your application’s data model that controls all the deployment, upgrade and optimization targeting RDBMS like Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server
BPM & Workflow - Effectively manage complex business projects of an entire corporation running effectively by having an elaborate set of modeling tools, and analytical functions. It assists the organization to make decisions to design and implement the most effective workflows and enables the organization to foresee and manage change associated
Deployment - Get access control to the operation of deployment to have simple and robust method of environment creation, fast and easy deployment in a single click across various environments and many more.

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