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NovoDoba Core Banking System

by ABBA D.O.O.

NovoDoba is highly efficient, automated, integrated Core Banking System. This is a multi-layer banking system of applications which covers the whole banking business, from deposits and loan transactions for citizens and all operations for corporate entities to exchange of information with payment systems and credit card companies, and reporting to National Bank and other institutions. It is one of the most flexible and innovative system that brings great advantages to Banks that use it because it reduces the need for human labor, it accelerates all the processes and thereby directly increase the profits of the Bank.

NovoDoba uses ABOS (ABBA BANKING OPERATION SYSTEM) as the foundation and core of Modules, which allows high-quality, secure and continuous communication, and controlled by a CMP (Core Management Process) perform background tasks, bookings, and supporting control completely automated. In application layer is also available to other producers of various modules and can be easily connected via standard service. ABBA modules are mostly installed in a single application to be more accessible, faster and easier to use for operators. All modules use the same database, so their connections are constant and they form a unity.

NovoDoba Core Banking System is multilingual and can be used simultaneously in different languages.

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Novo Doba

Reviewed by:Aurora_Volarevic Reviewed on:3/20/2014

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Reviewed by:Franjo_Prgic Reviewed on:3/14/2014

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Novo Doba

Reviewed by:Ante_Dujmov Reviewed on:11/17/2011

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