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c360 Record Editor

by c360
  • App Type

  • Business Need

    Customer Service, CRM
  • Works With

    Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011, Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0
  • Industry Focus

    General - Applicable to All

c360 Record Editor is an easy to use, Excel-like tool that allows to edit/modify multiple CRM records within a single screen.

It allows you to pick any Advanced Find view to edit in a grid format. All CRM data types including nvarchar, picklist, bit/boolean, int, float, lookup, owner types are supported. In addition, Record Editor can be launched from all of the CRM entity grids as well as Advanced Find view results grid.

The key benefits of Record Editor are:

- Edit all CRM fields right within the grid in their own control boxes (date, memo fields, currency, picklist, lookup, boolean, int, money)
- Grid enforces CRM's security model (read-only, state attributes, write privileges)
- Select all or just specific records to edit
- Bulk update to copy a change made to all or selected rows in the grid
- Filter the records you want to update
- Launch Record Editor from any CRM grid and/or Advanced Find View Results

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