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Rediteq Oy

CAMPUS PRO - Learning Management System

by Rediteq Oy

Campus Pro learning management system in conjunction with Sopro is a solution for education management in a networked environment. The target audience for Campus Pro is educational institutions and education organizers, in particular as a joint network between apprenticeship organizers, the employment offices and large companies. With Campus Pro you can manage both self-organized education and also the education provided with partners. Campus Pro extends the use of Sopro to the complete needs of adult education.

The features of Campus Pro

- Content management and customization of education
- Groups and student management
- Statutory government transfer calculation
- Loading and updating qualification structures
- Individualization of preparatory training for competence-based qualification
- Collate attendance and student performance information
- Reporting and updating student information
- Sending course invitations
- Sharing course material
- Export data to and import from CSV- and Excel-formats
- Infrastructure for networking

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