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CapInvest / Asset Finance / Financial Product Creation Software

by Vish Tumu Associates

CapInvest is a highly sophisticated 'Asset Financing' analytical tool that empowers financial institutions such as banks, leasing and hire purchase companies, finance companies, and others, to develop a range of user-friendly, market-driven, financial and savings products, to compete aggressively in the financial market place by developing and delivering financial and savings products that fully reflect the requirements of customers. CapInvest ships with 7 modules broadly divided into two categories: tax based products (leasing products) and non-tax based products (others). Each module in turn incorporates 'portals' that enable specialized tasks to be easily carried out. With a light foot-print of 20 MB, CapInvest can be easily installed on laptops for executives to make marketing calls on customers and to develop products listening to customer requirements. In the absence of CapInvest, financial institutions rely on 'add-ons' to databases and financial calculators to develop rudimentary and 'plain-vanilla' products. CapInvest is also a 'Technology Transfer' tool since its usage is inexorably linked to a significant up-gradation of financial concepts of users. A 4-day training program imparts the required theoretical and practical training to users which covers advanced DCF concepts as also training in using the software to generate a range of products. CapInvest has been developed entirely on the Excel 2010 platform incorporating more than 250,000 lines of VBA code. An elegant and easy to use interface hides the complexity of transaction while providing all required controls to users to fully translate customer requirements into a financial or savings product. A user is freed from the requirement to learn complex mathematical and financial concepts and instead, is able to focus on customer requirements.

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