CodeTwo Public Folders

by CodeTwo

CodeTwo Public Folders will turn your Outlook into a real teamwork tool. Thanks to this amazing Outlook addin you will able to share Outlook calendar, contacts, mail, tasks and even documents with your workmates, in real time. The data can be synchronized in LAN or over the Internet. What is more, no expensive servers and everyday maintenance are required for it to work properly. The initial setup and configuration takes only a few minutes and can be performed by a person with a basic technical expertise.

After installing the program on all machines in the network that are equipped with Microsoft Outlook, you can start using the shared Outlook folders right away. After the CodeTwo Public Folders installation is finished, a C2Public Folders tree appears in the Outlook navigation pane. All items created in this section are immediately visible to other users in the network. Working with public folders is just exactly the same as with the private ones. Users don’t have to learn using new software. The program fully integrates with Microsoft Outlook.

With CodeTwo Public Folders you can:

- Synchronize Outlook calendar, contacts, mail, tasks and even documents;
- Plan and synchronize meetings;
- Keep a common company address book and shared contact database;
- Share private Outlook folders with others;
- Share documents and files in Outlook;
- Share documents and files outside Outlook;
- Manage access rights to shared content;
- Work on shared items in offline mode;
- Backup and restore the shared Outlook folders;
- …and much more.

CodeTwo Public Folders is a perfect, cost-effective collaboration tool for Outlook users. Owing to this app, you will be able to save considerable amounts of money on IT services. For less than $500 an average office can get a powerful teamwork system that can be deployed in the office in a couple of minutes and require no further administration.

The program can be tested for free with full functionality for 30 days. It was tested compatible with all latest versions of Microsoft Outlook, including Outlook 2010 64-bit.

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