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INETEC-Institute for Nuclear Technology

EddyOne Analysis software is used for eddy current testing of reactor pressure vessel, reactor pressure vessel head, steam generator and other heat exchangers. It has the following features:
• Easy on-screen data handling
• Multiple interactive display screens
• Signal measurements (peak to peak, max rate, vertical max, guess angle)
• Calibration curves including: magnitude curve, phase curve, phase depth curve for subsurface ligaments, magnitude depth curve for surface cracks
• Unlimited number of processed channels
• Standard mix of up to four frequencies, Turbo mix
• Several types of filters
• Creating and editing landmark tables
• Automatic detection of landmarks or manual placement of landmarks
• Indication codes editor
• Final report organization
• Automatic analysis
• 3D visualization (C scan view, raster scan view, RPV/RPVH view, 3D Lissajous view)

Data quality validation subsystem.

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