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iWantplace is the name associated for all markets

by Costionn Technologies

iWantPlace is an application which is the actual store online dealing with the promotion and management of orders received from the iWantplanet users! The store appears online and to social and mobile users indicating the exact geographical location of the store by means of an integrated geographical location interface.
This application is especially beneficial to businesses in the service and tourist industry since it allows the stores to offer multilingual descriptions of the products and services it offers, thereby permitting the users of the iWantplanet application to search and place orders in their own language.
An innovative feature of the application is the ability to accept bonus points from the iWantplanet user (which he has gained by using the application for purchases) and to gives them the option to exchange these bonus points for goods and services from any partner store worldwide. The store also has the ability to send promotional messages to all users of the application that are close to the store, as well as to visitors of the store. This is regardless whether the user has made purchases or not. It is up to the store administrator to determine which iWantplanet users to target. He can target people who have shopped or people who have only visited, or even all people using the application. Another feature is the ability to target a particular group of potential customers by targeting how far around the geographical location of the store the promotional messages will be broadcast.
Finally through a built in evaluation system, the application helps prevent any potentially fraudulent orders.
This application addresses the cost/benefit of the average marketing solution being sent to users by retailers. It allows the retailer to specifically target the user it wants for it's product or service. By using Microsoft azure cloud services, we are practically ensuring uptime for any retailers that decide to use this service

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