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Messageware Incorporated

NavGuard for Outlook Web App/Access (OWA)

by Messageware Incorporated

Messageware NavGuard prevents confidential company data from being exposed when users attempt to leave active OWA sessions to browse other websites without first logging off.

In a public environment or on a shared computer where the original user forget to log off of their OWA session before navigating to another website, the next user on that computer will have unauthorized access to that OWA session without being required to re-authenticate. Even with additional perimeter and multi-factor authentication security installed, this security vulnerability still exists. NavGuard extends the security provided by these products and protects OWA sessions from unauthorized access.

By monitoring OWA usage, NavGuard identifies when a user creates a security vulnerability by navigating away from an active OWA session, and presents a user-friendly prompt to the OWA user. The user is given the option of returning to their active session or logging off before navigating away. In this way, NavGuard prevents users from creating security exposures that may leave their OWA accounts vulnerable to unauthorized access.

While up-to-date browsers have additional safeguards to reduce security vulnerabilities, older browser may not. NavGuard can block users from accessing OWA with older browsers.

NavGuard features include:

- Monitor when a user tries to navigate away from an active OWA session
- Provide a user-friendly prompt to alert user of the security vulnerability and log them out of their OWA session should they choose to navigate to a new web page
- Prevents OWA sessions from remaining active and authenticated when users navigate away to other webpages
- Prevent users from accessing OWA from old, outdated, and unsafe browsers
- Flexible configuration options based on IP address, user groups, corporate device recognition, and additional criteria allows for alignment with company security policies
- Compatible with perimeter security products such as ISA Server, Forefront TMG, Forefront UAG, and RSA

NavGuard protects OWA accounts from unauthorized access, extends the security provided by forms based authentication (FBA) and 3rd party security products, and offers greater protection for OWA users.

Acquire Messageware NavGuard on its own or as part of the Messageware OWA Server Suite.

Messageware NavGuard is available for Exchange 2013 / 2010 / 2007 / 2003.

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